After Demotions, Palm Beach Anchor Quits

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When Juan Carlos Fanjul left WGN in Chicago to become and anchor at WPEC in West Palm Beach, many (most likely including him) thought he was going to be the next main anchor at the station.

It didn't work out that way.

Fanjul was at first seen as the heir apparent to anchor Curt Fonger. 

After a few demotions, Fanjul has decided to walk on the station.

The announcement caught his colleagues by surprise — even if Fanjul made it clear that he was unhappy to be reassigned to weekend duties last year in a newsroom shakeup.

It was Fanjul’s third major re-assignment in the five years he’d been at the station.

In a terse statement to employees, the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast station’s management hinted the departure was Fanjul’s choice.

He wants, according to the memo to the newsroom, “to seek other opportunities.” Those are unclear.

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