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As another week wraps up (don't worry will still update stories this weekend), and it's another web traffic record for FTVLive.

This week will go down as our best ever traffic wise and it's because of you guys spreading the word that FTVLive.com is now free to everyone. We want to thank all of you for making our jump over the the pay wall such a success.

But, we have to give even a bigger THANK YOU to the sponsors of FTVLive. Without them, becoming a free site never would have happened. We reached out to only the best companies and asked them to help support this website and they stepped up in a big way.

One of those sponsors is MediaStars Worldwide. The main person behind MediaStars is Micah Johnson.

Micah is one of those guys that has done it all in this business. Working behind the camera, in front of the camera as an anchor and reporter and years in News Management. Johnson makes a great agent because he has been on the other side of the table. 

Micah is also a Social Media Guru. The guy has thousands of followers on social media and seems to post updates 24/7. As an early adopter of  Micah understands the power of Facebook & Twitter to brand and promote clients. This has resulted in many successes and an ability to mentor others in social media strategy. His own use of social media has allowed him to trend  #1 in Washington DC and the U.K.  Social media is an important part of MediaStars' recruiting and communication. 

The other agents at MediaStars are Bob Sellers and Beth Johnson.

Sellers is an Emmy-winning journalist with twenty years experience, including nine at the national level with NBC and Fox. He was at CNBC during the late 90s and early 2000s -- during the dot com era -- anchoring three hours a day and interviewing business leaders such as Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Suze Orman, Peter Lynch and many others. Bob authored the book;  Forbes Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps Into Success.He wrote business columns for 
Success and Gear magazines, and has placed columns in various newspapers throughout the country, including at the Los Angeles Times. He has also written columns for the website HuffingtonPost.com.

Beth Johnson is a veteran producer and former executive producer who really knows how to get people talking.  Throughout her 11 year career she was consistently called on to raise ratings for troubled newscasts and became known for taking innovative approaches that yield big results. Several times Beth was hired to launch new newscasts.  

Beth has worked in many markets (Orlando, Cleveland, Tampa, Kansas City, Columbia and Greenville SC) and has produced newscasts in every day part. She's studied her craft thoroughly.  She intentionally worked at stations with different kinds of news philosophies to increase her versatility as a producer, trainer and mentor.

MediaStars is a fresh agency that understands the changing landscape of the media world. Micah was recently featured on the cover of Arizona Foothills Magazine touted as one of the best in the Valley.

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You can visit MediaStars website by clicking here