So what's Happening with Erin Burnett?

FTVLive has been reporting the Erin Burnett to mornings saga for over a week now.

It started out that Burnett was going to team up with Chris Cuomo for new and revamped morning show on CNN.

Then FTVLive reported that the deal was "dead in the water".... Burnett would not be making the move to the morning shift as CNN President Jeff Zucker had hoped.

As FTVLive told you Exclusively , Zucker had grown tired of dealing with Burnett's agent John Ferriter.

Ferriter is the same agent that years ago Fox News Boss Roger Ailes promised to never deal with again.

As FTVLive reported, after Zucker gave up on the deal, Burnett reached out to the CNN Boss without her agent involved. The two sides started talking again. Rumors started flying around CNN that the "dead in the water" deal could be back on.

Ferriter was spotted in New York on Wednesday wining and dining one of his clients. He was then spotted in the hallways of CNN Yesterday.

Word is this was the last chance for a deal for Erin to do the new Morning show.

Several sources tell FTVLive that the meeting was more civil than the others, but no deal was reached and Zucker is moving onto plan "B."

Does that plan include moving Robin Meade from HLN over to CNN. FTVLive has been saying for years it would be the wise move.

Stay tuned...