Piers Morgan's Show to Go Live


Piers Morgan has seen his ratings drop and it looks like CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is not going to sit on his heels.

Morgan will start doing his show Live Monday thru Thursday. The show will also get a new name "Piers Morgan Live."

Morgan is claiming that it was his idea.

"I actually prefer ‘Live,’ which is how Larry King did it all those years. I always wanted it that way but, when I began, I was under contract to ‘America’s Got Talent’ and couldn’t work out the schedules. Now that I’m not one of those talent judges anymore, I have the time," Morgan told the NY Post.

At least some inside CNN think that this idea was all Jeff Zucker. Morgan says “So, with Jeff Zucker  coming in, taking over, bringing up new ideas, I went to him and thought it’s a good idea to revamp.”

OK Piers we believe you.