So What's With O-Town Talent Going to Philly?

So, what is it with Orlando TV talent getting jobs in Philadelphia lately?


You can point to one guy.

WCAU News Director Anzio Williams. Williams used to be the Assistant News Director at WESH in O-Town. Now that he's in Philly, is is taking the people he liked when he was in Central Florida.

This morning, FTVLive told you that former WKMG Anchor is headed to WCAU. And she is the only O-Town talent to be jumping to Philly. London will join reporter Daralene Jones, formerly of WFTV-Channel 9. 

 “You recognize good journalism when you see it,” Williams told the Orlando Sentinel. “Everything else aside, you’re very competitive, but you know who you’d  like to have on your team. If the possibility presents itself, you do it.”

He said he was “absolutely” impressed by London while he was in Orlando. “I thought she did an excellent job while she was there. They did, too,” Williams said. “That’s why they kept promoting her.”

s he looking at more Orlando talent? ”I’m always looking for good people, wherever they may be. It just happened those last few were from Orlando,” Williams said.

H/T Orlando Sentinel