Indianapolis News Director calls in "Sick" (Updated)


Indianapolis sources tell FTVLive that WXIN News Director Lee Rosenthal left work early on Monday and called in "sick" to work on Tuesday.

It was not a good day to call in sick with a major winter storm moved into Central Indiana. Then again, if you're sick, you're sick. 

But word is that Rosenthal was spotted at a Left Coast station interviewing for a  job.

Looks like the "spies" that Spotted Rosenthal on the west coast need to get their eyes checked. Rosenthal sent this email to FTVLive:

"I've been in bed since Monday at 4pm and just had a flu swab at the doctor's office stuck up my nose, confirming I have the dreaded flu.  Type A to be exact.  Proud of my team for their great winter storm coverage with me so sick - I think they all know I was in town the last few days and in bed as we talked and emailed often about our coverage.  Never hesitate to call or contact me about any questions - I always try to answer them as honestly as possible!  Best, Lee"