Hey John Ferriter! Whatever happened to Kiran Chetry

Yesterday, FTVLive gave you the ongoing details of Erin Burnett and will she or will she not go to the new morning show at CNN?

We pointed out that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker had grown tired of Burnett's Agent... John Ferriter.

It got us thinking about another Ferriter client that worked on the CNN morning show.


Kiran Chetry (pictured) was one of the anchors on one of the failed CNN attempts at a morning show.

She signed off from that show in July of 2011. She promised she wouldn't be gone long and had a "very special opportunity” elsewhere.

Here we are almost two years later and Chetry has done bupkis.

She made a token appearance on E! News and showed up on Glen Beck's thing (whatever that is), but she hasn't been on TV in a full time gig in almost two years. 

Chetry was also an anchor at Fox News before CNN. It was there that Fox booted her after sick of dealing with Ferriter. FTVLive wrote at the time:

Sources tell FTVLive that Chetry was making in the $300,000+ a year at Fox News. Fox offered to bump her salary to $400,000 in the next contract (not a bad raise at all). Sources say Ferriter countered with a salary north of $700,000 and that the network....

.....At that point sources tell FTVLive that Fox News issued the letter saying that Ferriter was not bargaining in good faith and that Chetry was done at Fox News.

So Kiran Chetry left for CNN and we see how well that worked out. But we just wonder when is she going start at that "very special opportunity” elsewhere? Mr. Ferriter? Any word?

Erin Burnett might want to think twice before her agent John Ferriter has her out of a job and promising her that "very special opportunity.”

Stay tuned....