Former Anchor On Trial For Domestic Abuse

The lawyer for former TV news anchor Michael Scott accused an alleged domestic violence victim of making up her injuries. 


Omaha lawyer James Martin Davis told the jury that when Brandi Sadler talked to police last November, she showed officers her nails, which she said were broken while trying to stop Scott from leaving her. 

The photos of bruises on her stomach, taken by a friend four days after the alleged attack; her claim that Scott tried to strangle her three times -- none of it was shared with police, Davis said. 

"Michael's defense is that everything you are telling the jury in this case is a fabrication," Davis told Sadler during cross examination Tuesday. "You don't have eye witnesses, so it's he said/she said, right?" 

Scott is on trial on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence. Tuesday marked the second day of testimony.

The couple's fight started Nov. 2 at Aksarben Cinema, where they went to see the movie “Flight.”

Sadler said she didn't like the movie and didn't want to meet up with friends afterward. Davis said Sadler had been drinking, that she drank before Scott arrived home, and later drank beer in the movie theater.

Sadler testified that Scott stormed out of the theater after the movie, saying she had “embarrassed” him. He was screaming, she said, and began pushing her against the driver's door, yelling and threatening to jump from the moving car. He put his hands on her throat.

“He thought I embarrassed him enough that he should kill me,” Sadler said.

Sadler said she begged Scott to calm down and told him she was sorry. But once they reached their apartment at 2131 Benson Gardens Blvd., things escalated, she said.

Scott left for a while, then returned home about 1 a.m., Sadler said. He went into the kitchen and began pouring tequila and medicine into the sink, she testified.

She said she asked him to stop and he began yelling, “Look what you made me do.''

Sadler said he pushed her down and again put his hands around her neck.

Sadler also testified that he told her he was “going to rip off my bimbo fake nails one by one.”

He pulled off two fingernails, causing her to scream and blood to get on his shirt. That seemed to calm his rage, Sadler testified.

“By then, my screams were getting louder, and he stopped because there was blood on his shirt,” she said. “He stopped because (his shirt) was the concern.”

The ordeal ended at 5 a.m. when the couple went to bed, she said. The next day, she packed her things and left with her parents.

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