Tamron Hall Not Leaving for CNN....Erin Maybe?


Rumors are flying through the Internet tubes that MSNBC's Tamron Hall could be headed to CNN, anchoring the "new" morning show.

Sources at MSNBC tell FTVLive that is not the case and it's "not happening."

Word is that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker likes Hall a lot.... and of course since Zucker is only hiring people from either ABC or NBC, or would make sense that Hall could be headed to CNN.

But, MSNBC insiders tell FTVLive that Hall still has over a year on her current contract. "MSNBC is not going to let her go to CNN....why would they," says our source.

So, who will be sitting beside Chris Cuomo when CNN launches their new morning show?

That's the million dollar question?

Word is that Zucker is looking at a few options and is conducting some interviews.

We also hear that although the deal has been quote "dead in the water," Zucker still is holding out some hope for Erin Burnett.

But, Burnett has a clause in her contract that says she has a show in prime time. As FTVLive reported, Burnett has dug in her heels and isn't looking to make the move to mornings.

But, Jeff Zucker can be persuasive, and we wouldn't be shocked if he still pulls off a deal with Burnett. 

Either way it will be interesting as CNN tries to finally find something that will work in the mornings.

Stay tuned....