Here's what will Lead Every O-Town Newscast Tonight

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The evening newscasts are hours away, but FTVLive can tell you what will lead every newscast in Orlando this evening.

Casey Anthony has come out of hiding for the first time since she was found not guilty for killing her daughter Caylee. 

Anthony made her first public appearance for a bankruptcy hearing in Tampa to face her creditors today. 

Anthony filed for Chapter 7 back in January, saying she owes over $800,000 to about 80 creditors. She claims to have no income to speak of. 

Anthony has basically not been seen since her highly televised trial ended in 2011. There have been a few blurry pictures that were supposed to be her printed in the tabloids and she made some YouTube videos in which she wore a short blond wig.

In Tampa Today she had shoulder length brown hair. You just know the Orlando stations are going to obsess on this Tonight on their newscasts.

We for one are happy we don't live in the market and won't have to watch wall to wall Casey coverage.