FTVLive Pays for Topless Pictures of News Director

FTVLive doesn't pay for news...we're not TMZ.

But we broke that code just this one time.

We had a chance to buy some topless pictures of a News Director at a Fox O&O and we couldn't pass it up.

Now, that you made the jump, you're going to be a little let down.

The news director is Bill Dallman the ND at KMSP in Minneapolis.

Bill willing to dive into a frozen lake to help raise money for Special Olympics. He was taking donations to raise money for the group. 

FTVLive told Dallman if we got the picture of him taking the polar plunge, we would donate.

We donated a few bucks to the good cause of the Special Olympics and Dallman held up  his end of the bargain. 

Here is a photo of Dallman diving in with no shirt on from last year's polar plunge.


This year Dallman (along with the other) put on a penguin suit and jumped in the icy waters again. Here's a pic of Dallman in his penguin suit just before making the plunge:


Here's the video (he's in the last group on penguins:

Dallman tell FTVLive that they raised over $74,000 this Weekend and total donations topped over $1 million. We were more than happy to be a part of that donation.