Did you Get Away with Murder?!

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We told you earlier that the Orlando stations are falling all over themselves because just like Puxatony Phil, Casey Anthony has come out of her hole for the Spring.

Anthony showed up at a Tampa Courthouse to face her creditors in her bankruptcy case. 

And all the Orlando TV stations were there. Including WFTV Reporter Kathi Belich.

The Orlando Sentinel writes that Belich added a lot of drama to the scene. She may have topped her memorable shouting at Anthony in 2008.

Back then, Belich yelled: “Casey, did you kill Caylee?” In commercials, WFTV frequently repeated that footage, which featured Jose Baez shielding Anthony.

Belich gave her station even more material Monday. “Casey, did you get away with murder?” Belich shouted. “Did you get away with murder? Do you think you’d be better off if you pay a price?”

Surprisingly Anthony did not stop and tell Belich that yes in fact she did get away with Murder and yes she should be sent right to Death Row.  

Did Belich really think that Anthony was going to respond to these questions, or was this more of a "look at me!!!" moment and she was hoping the station would put her in another promo?

I'm all for asking the tough questions, but really...this was more grand standing than anything else.