The App that Can Tell when You're About to be Fired

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Do you wish there was an App that would let you know when you are about to be fired?

Well there is!

The app “Fire Me!” tracks your Twitter account for tweets aimed at how much you dislike your job or boss. It even sends you updates when it thinks you are close to being fired, only after aggregating tweets that include curse words along with the words “kill,” “boss,” “job” or any other potentially problematic phrase.

The app also comes with a “FireMeter” that rates how close you are to being fired, and includes a “leaderboard” where users rank amongst other job-haters. The leader as of Thursday’s most recently tweeted “Please fire me. F— my job.” Not looking like a strong candidate for “Employee of the Month” anytime soon.

The goal of the site is noble; it aims to raise awareness about “the danger of public online data,” not get employees in trouble at work. In fact, a disclaimer at the bottom of the site states: “All tweets shown here are publicly available on Twitter. So don’t blame us, instead get responsible.”

The site is a fantastic idea. Some people remain unaware that bosses can and do check the online activity of their employees. Whether that is right or wrong is not the issue. The site collects publicly available opinions and merely trying to warn users that they may be in trouble

It’s no secret that people have been fired for tweets and other social media faux pas. Just last month an aide to an Idaho congressman was fired after “accidentally” tweeting a suggestive comment about a Super Bowl commercial from his boss’s Twitter account.

This site may just make you think twice about tweeting how you wish you never again had to wake up for that job you hate. Because you may just get your wish.

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