Jenna Wolfe: Matt nor Lester are the Dad


NBC's Jenna Wolfe shocked some people when you came out announcing that she was gay on the Today Show.

She then piled on by saying that she was not only gay, but she was also pregnant.

On Wednesday's Today Show, Wolfe said she was pregnant and in a relationship with fellow journalist Stephanie Gosk (also and NBC staffer).

It didn't take long for the questions to be asked as to who the father of the baby is?

"The rumor is that it's Lester Holt," Wolfe joked in an interview with E! News' Alicia Quarles.

Quarles shot back joking that she had heard that Matt Lauer might be the dad?

Wolfe says that she and Gosk are keeping the Dad identity "under wraps."

Wolfe was more open about how she Gosk decided who would carry their child?

"We rock-paper-scissored it. I won 34-31, so I'm carrying the baby," Wolfe explained.

"We are almost three years into our relationship and it felt like the right time," Wolfe continued. "It was more a product of where we were in our relationship."

H/T NY Daily News