Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Rupert Should Stop Tweeting

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NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has some advice for Rupert Murdoch...shut down your Twitter account.

At a press conference about a racist firefighter that is in hot water for tweeting, the mayor spoke more broadly about social networking:

"Number one, I don't understand why people don't understand that anything you write, anything you send out, is gonna be retweeted, re-Facebooked, re-this, re-that," said the 71-year-old billionaire.

He then said to a New York Post Reporter "I've told your boss I think he should stop twittering,"

Asked to clarify later that he meant Rupert Murdoch, the mayor smirked, "I don’t know who that would be." Murdoch owns the NY Post.

"The bottom line is, it's very addictive, it's easy, you hit a button and nobody thinks that the rest of the world is looking," he added.

So far, Murdoch doesn't seem to be taking the advice. He sent out this Tweet, shortly before midnight last night:

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H/T NY Mag