EXCLUSIVE: Lauer Ready to Step Away From Today


NBC has denied that they are pushing Matt Lauer out the door and replacing him on Today.

Yesterday, Today Show EP Alexandra Wallace issued two separate statements, pledging her support for tarnished Golden Boy.

But, this  "support" comes after NBC contacted Anderson Cooper about replacing Lauer on Today. Also, we need to point out that in both of the statements, NBC does not deny reaching out to Cooper. Sources tell FTVLive that it's "100% fact" that NBC made inquires to the CNN star. 

Still Wallace claims she and the Today Show are behind Lauer.

But what about Lauer's support for Today?

NBC sources tell FTVLive EXCLUSIVELY that Matt Lauer has taken all he can stand and he's ready to bow out as the the co-host of the Today Show.

"Matt knows the only way the Today can back to where they were is without him," an NBC source tells FTVLive. "He's ready to take one for the team and leave the show," the source adds.

The insider tells FTVLive that Lauer has grown sick and tired of being slammed in the press and being blamed for all of Today Show's problems.

Lauer signed a multi year contract to host Today a year ago, word is now he and NBC are about to sit down and discuss his exit from Today.

Our source tells us some of the suits inside NBC are still trying to sell Lauer on staying. But, our insider claims that "Matt's mind is 90% made up that he's leaving."

"He knows that he had a great run and he doesn't want it to end like this, but really what choice does he have?," the Source tells FTVLive.

Lauer is loyal to the Today Show and his co-workers and he's willing to "take one for the team" because he feels it might be the best for everyone involved.

So when will all this go down?

Our source says defiantly not before the May book and more than likely over the slower Summer season. It will give the chance for the new co-host of Today to get settled in before the TV season starts back up in the Fall.

What's still not clear is if Lauer leaves Today, does he stay at NBC?

Our insider thinks he will.

The source says you could see Lauer get a bigger role with the news magazine shows that air on NBC.

Lauer will also have more time to work on his golf game. "Matt loves golf and he feels the only bright spot about leaving Today is he will get to spend more time on the links," our NBC insider adds.

Stay tuned...