Just Like That, Dallas Reporter is Gone

You always wonder what the real story is behind the story when someone leaves a station?

Down in Dallas, KXAS Reporter Ellen Goldberg is leaving the station after 6 years.


Not that big a deal, people come and go at stations all the time. But, when they are leaving to "pursue other opportunities" it always sends up a red flag.

Goldberg said in a message to staffers “After 6 great years, I have decided to leave KXAS to pursue other opportunities,” she wrote.  “I am grateful to KXAS and the talented team of professionals I have worked alongside. Many of you are like family to me, so that made the decision extremely difficult. Dallas is home for me now, so I’m not going anywhere. I’m excited about several future opportunities, but my immediate plans are to take a little time to enjoy life.”

KXAS vice president of news, Susan Tully, said that Goldberg’s last official day was Monday of this week.

Also makes you wonder why the Reporter is out the door so fast? If she is leaving the station with no other job yet lined up, why not make that announcement a few weeks before hand? Not the day after you left.

“Ellen wants to take the next steps toward growing her career and we wish her all the success she deserves,” Tully said in a memo. “Ellen covered and broke many stories in her tenure with us.” In 6 years all she gets is she "covered and broke many stories in her tenure with us"?!

Maybe Goldberg really is leaving the station on her own accord. Maybe she really is just looking for something new.

But soooooo many people that have been fired by a station and it's spun as they want to 

"pursue other opportunities," that you just can't take any station at their word anymore.

And yet, that want us to trust their news coverage.

H/T Ed Bark