Orlando Reporter Uses Blog and Humor in Cancer Fight


WKMG Traffic Reporter Jessica Sanchez has been undergoing chemotherapy in her cancer fight.

Sanchez announced that she has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this month.

She has decided to document her cancer fight on a station's site.

Her blog is called "Let's Be Honest" and it's posted the WKMG-Channel 6 website.

"She's laying it all out there with class and humor," WKMG General Manager Skip Valet said Tuesday. "I think she'll be very public in this fight. It's her decision. She says it's therapeutic to write about it."

In a March 23 posting, she writes: "Day 4 of chemotherapy and I have been blessed with no bad reactions to the cocktail of drugs that flow into my veins 24 hours a day. Unless you count the 18 pounds of fluid that have accumulated around my belly. 18 POUNDS!!!"

She decorates the blog with a candid photo showing her during chemotherapy.

Valet said that Sanchez and the station will have a better idea in 20 days when she might return to the morning news.

Valet said he spoke to Sanchez on Tuesday. "Her spirits are real high. I think she's doing great," he said. "She wants to come back on the air and talk about it."

H/T Orlando Sentinel