Do you Think NBC is regretting that Sandusky ​Segment?


Poor NBC and the Today Show, it seems now a days they can't win for losing.

At the end of last week, NBC was teasing that they would have the first interview with the Pervert from Penn State, Jerry Sandusky on Monday.

Well it turned out it wasn't exactly what NBC and the Today Show had teased.

And then after the whole thing hit air, you might guess that NBC wishes it never did.

NBC never talked to Sandusky, it was documentary filmmaker John Ziegler that did. 

And it was Ziegler that appeared with Matt Lauer on Today.

By most accounts the interview was a disaster and was just another black eye for Today.

Ziegler himself said that it didn't come off very well and he puts all the blame on NBC.

“I didn’t like the parameters they were setting. Rules were changing as I was getting closer to the studio,” John Ziegler told The Daily Beast. “They were putting me in an insanely restrictive situation about what I could say.”

Ziegler says he doesn’t blame Today host Matt Lauer for steering the interview in another direction, but he regrets that he wasn’t able to focus on the changing story of the “shower boy” and other information he says he has newly discovered.

“Once the [NBC] lawyers got involved everyone’s ass had to be covered,” he said. “In the short attention span theater in which we live, the segment had to include a statement from one of the victim’s lawyers, from Penn State and a statement from the Paterno family. Half of the segment’s time was spent on butt-covering instead of talking about new elements of the story,” he said.

H/T Daily Beast