CNN Tests Show with Anderson Cooper - Kathy Griffin


You might no longer have to wait for News Year's Eve to watch Kathy Griffin Strip down to her underwear or simulate oral sex on Anderson Cooper.

FTVLive hears that Today at CNN's NY Headquarters, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin did a secret pilot taping of what could be a new show on the struggling network.


We hear that CNN boss Jeff Zucker was at the taping and so was a live studio audience (as opposed to a dead studio audience). 

Sources at CNN tell FTVLive that Zucker has been big on pairing up Cooper and Griffin after looking over the ratings for their past New Year's Eve shows together.

Zucker has hinted that he would like a late night show (i.e The Daily Show) on CNN.

Could Coop and Grif be that show?

But..... with Cooper already on a busy schedule with his show on CNN and his role at 60 Minutes and Griffin doing her show on Bravo it appears it would be tough for the Cooper/Griffin show to be a daily thing.

The other problem would be trying to fill a live audience on a daily basis.

Is Zucker looking for the duo to do something on a weekly basis? Monthly?  Quarterly?

At this point, we just have to wait and see.

Kind of like waiting for Kathy Griffin to take off her clothes.

Stay tuned...