Bill O'Reilly: I'm the Biggest Target


Last night, Bill O'Reilly had on his cut from the same cloth buddy Bernard Goldberg to talk about mainstream media's attempt to take down Jay Leno and Matt Lauer. 

The two decided that the reason Leno and Lauer have become targets is that the MSM has decided  every “famous and wealthy” person in the country is an easy target for a jealous media.

O'Reilly wanted to know why this never happened to the TV News people of days gone by. He said that something like this would never happen to Walter Cronkite.

Goldberg thinks the problem lies on the Internet.  He says that "being ironic which is a nice way of saying being sarcastic or being nasty" has value and is important. So when someone on the Internet says something nasty about Matt Lauer, the next person on the net has to be nastier than the first person. It then goes on and on and that's the problem with the damn Internet according to Bill and Bernie.

By the way, Goldberg pointed out that Bill O'Reilly is also a target of these low lying "Internet people" and O'Reilly said he's not only a target he's the "biggest target."

It seems that BillyO might not be happy that people are talking about Matt and Jay more than him and he wants you to know that he's still the biggest when it comes to MSM "targets."

And Uncle Walter just flipped over one more time.

You can watch video of the exchange right here: