Up is Down at MSNBC


Chris Hayes (a guy you don't know) signed off from MSNBC's 'Up' (a show you never heard of) for a new show that you'll never watch.

Hayes is taking over Ed "I was Not Demoted" Schultz's 8PM time slot at MSNBC. 'Up' is being taken over by Steve Kornacki, currently co-host of "The Cycle" (you haven't heard of him or that show either).

While signing off from his current show, Hayes said that his new show will preserve the "essential features" of "Up," saying that he will "be going deep on topics" while following the week's major stories.

"I'm still going to be me, and we're gonna have a lot of fun and cause some trouble," Hayes said.

"And then MSNBC will cancel that show and bring in someone else new," Hayes should have added.

H/T HuffPo