MSNBC Boss Expects to Pass Fox News Next Year


MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin is either, Very confident,  very optimistic , or he's smoking crack.

Griffin thinks that MSNBC has Fox News on the ropes and the cable giant is going down in the next year.

In a story in The New Republic in which glows so much about Griffin, you might think he wrote it himself. Griffin feels MSNBC is hitting it's stride and will soon be running right past Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the rest of the gang at Fox News.

The New Republic writes that MSNBC is more successful now than it has ever been. At the end of this presidential election, it drew an average of 1.5 million viewers to its weekday prime time lineup. (The numbers have fallen since.) Fox still gets more than two million a night, but Griffin, optimistically, believes he can beat Fox by 2014. It’s a cockiness that has funneled down. In a recent staff meeting, one of Griffin’s producers coined a new term for Fox News: “Loserville.”

Ouch! We expect Fox News will be taking a swing back at that comment ASAP.

Stay tuned....

H/T New Republic