Lauer and Agent had ABC Believing he was Headed There


The long story in Today's NY Magazine about Matt Lauer has a interesting item.

It says that the folks at ABC were sure they had a deal for Lauer to come to their network.

NY Mag writes "For a few days in late March, Iger, Zucker, and Sherwood all believed they had been told by both Lauer and his agent, Ken Linder, that Lauer was coming to ABC. In their minds, the deal was done, with only the legalities to be worked out."

But then it appears that Lauer's agent told ABC the deal wasn't happening. Needless to say, it pissed off the guys in the Mouse House.

"Iger was infuriated, as was Zucker. Sherwood would not soon forget: In the months to come, he would spend an inordinate amount of time poking at Lauer and reveling in Schadenfreude."

Looking back, it appears that Lauer and his agent Ken Lindner made the wrong decision. If Lauer had gone to ABC, he never would have been part of the Ann Curry mess and his reputation would be still intact.

Unfortunately, Lindner's rep remains as bad as ever. 

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