Today Show Stoops to New Low to Get Viewers

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There is no question that the Today Show is getting more and more desperate to get ratings.

Just how desperate?

They are willing to basically lie to get viewers to watch them.'s not a "Matt Lauer didn't do anything to get Ann Curry fired" kind of lie...but it's still pulling the wool over the viewers eyes. 

“In an exclusive interview airing Monday on TODAY, former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky will speak out for the first time since he went to prison,” the show wrote in a story posted on 

Sounds like a hell of a "get".... The Today Show will sit down with the Pervert from Penn State.

Well, that's not exactly what is happening.

You see it's not NBC that is getting Sandusky to talk is a documentary filmmaker that did so.

Filmmaker John Ziegler is working on a documentary called 'The Framing of Joe Paterno.' Ziegler is going to be the guest on the Today Show this morning and he will show some of the footage he got of Jerry Sandusky after his conviction. The footage is his and not NBC's.

Not quite the way NBC made it sound is it?

So, if your tuning in to watch one of the most hated men in America (Sandusky) sit down and chat with one of the other most hated men in America (Matt Lauer) you're going to be disappointed.

NBC never talked to Sandusky.

But they may have lead you to believe otherwise.

No wonder why Jay Leno doesn't trust them.

H/T Gawker