Weather Shake Up at Miami Station


FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WSVN Weather Hottie Julie Durda (pictured) was crossing the street to WPLG in Miami.

With Durda coming on board, the station has to make room for her.

Sources tell FTVLive those changes at Post Newsweek station are going to be laid out later Today.

The hiring of Durda means some upset and displaced people.

Try to follow along:

WPLG Chief Meteorologist Trent Aric is being demoted to weekend nights and told he can leave his contract as soon as he gets another job.

Former Weather Channel meteorologist Betty Davis will move to the Chief spot (although management claims they're doing away with that title).

Current AM meteorologist Scott Padgett gets demoted to weekend AM's and told he can leave his contract as soon as he finds something else.

Julie Durda will take over the M-F AM weather spot.

Tough to follow along without a scorecard, but sources tell FTVLive this will be the WPLG weather team line-up. 

Stay tuned....