CNN Might Want to Change the Name of Tapper's Show


Jeff Zucker's new face of CNN Jake Tapper has debuted his new show "The Lead with Jake Tapper" this week.

How's it doing in the ratings?

They might want to change the name of the show from the Lead to the Lost. As in Lost Viewers. 

In the first four days Tapper's show is not pulling in near the ratings that the most boring man on planet earth Wolf Blitzer did in that time slot. 

Thursday's show that featured an interview with Jimmy Kimmel about the Jay Leno debacle sucked wind in the ratings.

The show only pulled 326,000 viewers. It is the lowest viewers so far for Tapper's show. So instead of gaining viewers as the show goes on, so far it's losing them.

Tapper's numbers are down of 40% compared the TMBMOPEWB (the most boring man on planet earth Wolf Blitzer).

It marked the lowest viewership since the premiere, with the series now averaging 42 percent shy of the same four days last week.

How bad is it for Tapper?

Well he's getting killed by Fox News, which is to be expected. But he's even getting beat by MSNBC's Martin Bashir.

Damn! That's got to leave a mark.