Big Shake Up Going Down in Salt Lake (Updated)


Now that KTVX is under control of Nexstar, sources tell FTVLive that new management team is making some big changes.

Word is that News Director George Severson is changing up many of the people that former ND Larry Perret put in place.  

Sources say these are some of changes going down:

Primary anchor Brent Hunsaker has been told he's being demoted to reporter. 

Primary co-anchor Kylie Conway has been told they want her to do a split shift:  AM news - go home - then come back and do the early news. Take it, or leave it. Supposedly she's leaning towards "Leave it."

5pm anchor Kim Fischer will become the new primary co-anchor.

AM Anchor Ann Sterling has been told she's being reassigned as a reporter. We hear she might just end up leaving the station instead. 

AM co-anchor Brian Carlson - being reassigned as a reporter.

AM meteorologist Glenn Willey will be reassigned as the AM co-anchor.

You can see it is a massive on air shake up. The station has been struggling in the ratings for years. It will be interesting to watch and see if any of these changes work.

Update: FTVLive got this email from an insider:

Don't know where you're getting the scoop from.. While it is almost correct I would like to add that Dan Plante, not Brian Carlson, was the morning Coanchor with Ann and he was let go. Brian Carlson was always a reporter and only serves as a fill in anchor on the morning shows. And George has not started as the ND yet so most of these changes are coming from Nexstar, the GM and the Assistant ND