Next Week FTVLive Gives Away iPad Mini


FTVLive is giving away a brand new iPad Mini next week!

If you want to get an entry in, here's something you can do real easy.

Just write on a piece of paper and put in somewhere in your newsroom and take a picture of it with your phone (try to get the station's logo in the picture). Either post the pic to Twitter and tag @FTVLive or send it to us at

You can also take a photo of the sign while you're out covering a story. Have a Reporter hold up the sign before their live shot. In the sign is on the air during the live shot you get 5 entries to win. Tape it to the side of the live truck. Be creative and send us the picture.

That's my entry (although I can't win) in the picture.

Of course there are two other ways you can get your name in the entry pool as well. Details on that are right here.