Could Hasselbeck be Headed to Zuckerville?


Barbara Walters insists that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not leaving 'The View' even though she totally is.

But Hasselbeck might no be on the beach for long. At least that's what Page Six is implying. 

But if you ask FTVLive, we think the rumor is just a ploy.

Page Six writes:

“...amid all the buzz over her impending departure from “The View,”
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is already being courted by other networks.We hear CNN honcho Jeff Zucker is interested in seeing her join his cable channel. A source told us, “They’re definitely interested.””

If you ask FTVLive, this sounds like a ploy by Hasselbeck's agent to make it look like she's a hot commodity. That way, when she does leave 'The View' it will appear that others are interested. We say there is no way Zucker hires her at CNN.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.