Awful Buffalo Station Re-ups Anchor


WKBW in Buffalo has inked a new deal with both their main anchors.

A few months after signing anchor Keith Radford to a new contract, WKBW has retained his co-anchor Joanna Pasceri.

WKBW News Director Polly Van Doren confirmed Pasceri’s deal and added both anchors have been upped for three years.

She said neither anchor took a pay cut, but said nothing about a pay raise either. 

Van Doren declined to comment to the Buffalo News on speculation that both contracts enable the ABC affiliate to let the anchors go with a brief notice. Sources say that recent deals give WKBW that right as long as it gives notice of between eight to 13 weeks. 

How bad are the ratings at WKBW? During the February sweeps, Gannett's WGRZ's “WNY Living,” a Saturday morning program with paid elements gets a higher rating than any WKBW newscast.

Oh Boy! That's gotta Hurt.

H/T Buffalo News