A Kiran Chetry Sighting


On March 7th, FTVLive posted the story "Whatever Happened happened to Kiran Chetry?"

Chetry  was one of the anchors on one of the failed CNN attempts at a morning show.

She signed off from that show in July of 2011. She promised she wouldn't be gone long and had a "very special opportunity” elsewhere.

Well, 20 months later we now know what that "very special opportunity” was. Chety will pop up this week doing a story for NBC's ratings challenged Rock Center.

NBC says that Chetry headed to Castle Heights Elementary school in Lebanon, Tennessee, which is home to 15 sets of twins.

Chetry has not joined the Rock Center team, NBC says she's working on a freelance contract for the network.

So you could see more of her on Rock Center, that is if you actually watched Rock Center.