Vegas Anchor Out after Just 8 Months


Well that didn't work out very well....

After just 8 months, KLAS parted ways with morning anchor Shauna Khorrami.

Khorrami left the CBS affiliate in tears on Monday after getting the news.

KLAS GM Emily Neilson confirmed Khorrami is gone from the station, but of course said there would be no further comment, citing the station’s personnel policy.

Khorrami previously worked at KTLA in Los Angeles and KSTU-TV in Salt Lake City .

The Las Vegas Review Journal writes that Khorrami and Cale Ramaker were announced as co-hosts of the morning show last June on the same day the station dismissed popular morning co-anchor Dayna Roselli.

After sending the new anchors to $1,000-a-day anchor school for a week, KLAS management moved quickly and aggressively to promote them in hopes of boosting the lagging AM ratings.

What followed was one of the most expensive promotional campaigns undertaken by a local TV station.

Sources said the push may have topped $1 million without a substantial move in ratings.

Meantime, Khorrami’s work habits were causing consternation in the newsroom, according to sources.

On occasion, she was known to show up shortly before the show started at 4 a.m. She tested the producers’ patience, one source said, when, “during breaking news, she would be singing show tunes at her desk.”

The breaking point may have happened on Super Bowl Sunday.

The plan was to expose Khorrami and Ramaker to more viewers by having them anchor the evening news coming after the Super Bowl, a major revenue generator for the host network and affiliate stations.

Sources said a few hours before the news broadcast Khorrami texted management, saying she was sick.

Management had her take the next week off, according to sources.

“That definitely did not bode well,” a source said.

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal