When the News Dept. Couldn't, San Antonio Sports Anchor Saw the Big Picture


While WOAI was falling all over themselves to report on a fire that happened at their station, families across town were looking for a place to live.

Their apartment building caught fire and at least a dozen families were left without a place to call home. 

WOAI gave that story a few minutes on the newscasts, but was dwarfed by the coverage the station gave to themselves on a fire at their own station in which no one was hurt.

The news department got lost in the "look at us" story and lost sight of their perspective.

But WOAI Sports Director Don Harris clearly didn't.

Harris decided to focus on others who have suffered more because of fire damage.

Harris said his wife prompted him to contact Family Service Association. Putting their minds together, he and Xochitl Cortez Davis decided to set up a donation drive.

Harris explained how his wife thought the victims of an apartment complex fire yesterday needed more attention.

The fire at the Fox Run Apartments in the 10000 block of Broadway destroyed several units leaving dozens of people homeless and in temporary shelter, thanks to the Red Cross.

"That's why I love working with News 4. Even while you are dealing with a fire, you are thinking of others,'' the Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Family Service.

Davis gave a list of much needed items to help victims of that fire and others that have happened recently.