MSNBC Names EP of Show with No Name


MSNBC has named a new EP of the new show that has no name that will be hosted by someone you never heard of.

The show featuring Chris Hayes (see told you haven't heard of him) will go on the air on April Fools Day. Were guessing it will have a name by then. We'll bet on "The Chris Hayes Show 360 in the Situation Room." But don't hold us to that. 

Here's the Press Release from NBC:

Denis Horgan has been named Executive Producer of the new Chris Hayes program, which will debut on April 1 at 8 p.m. ET on MSNBC. The announcement was made by Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC.

“Denis is a creative force and I look forward to working with him and Chris at 8 p.m.,” said Griffin.

“I am a good friend and a great fan of Chris Hayes, and I can’t wait to put this show on TV ,” said Horgan.

Over the past three years, Horgan has been a key member of Phil Griffin’s team, helping with the creation and development of several MSNBC programs including “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” and “UP with Chris Hayes”, and has worked closely with most of the programs in the MSNBC lineup while playing a key creative role in the development of MSNBC’s digital strategy. Horgan originally joined MSNBC in 2003 as Senior Producer of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

From 2007-2010, Horgan served as Vice President of Community Development at TopCoder, Inc. where he managed and grew a global online community of 300,000 programmers, developers and graphic designers. He began his career at ESPN Radio Network where he served as Senior Producer for a number of programs including “The Tony Kornheiser Show”.

Horgan is a graduate of the University of Hartford’s College of Arts & Sciences.