Behar May Soon Be Talking out of Class


Joy Behar who is leaving "The View" or got fired from "The View" or whatever is going to be doing stand up comedy again.

And it's likely that Barbara Walters and the rest of the View ladies will give Behar much of her material. Although, they might not be so happy about it.

The NY Daily News writes that Behar won’t hold back — and that includes talking about Babs.

Walters, notorious for running a tight ship at the show she created, has made sure that for all the years “The View” has been on, that no one — including former co-host Star Jones — has ever spilled all.

“Joy knows everything, she’s lasted this whole time,” says our source. “She knows why Debbie Matenopoulos was fired, the truth about Star Jones’ marriage, and the time Star [supposedly] tackled her to the ground when Joy tried to take a photograph of her on her wedding day.” (Star magazine had bought exclusive rights to the event.)

“She knows which host had trouble borrowing clothes for the show because they often returned them soiled,” says the source. “And then there is the whole Rosie O’Donnell drama, not to mention working with Barbara.”

Sounds like the act is writing itself.

As for where she’ll perform, Behar wants a mini-tour across the U.S.

“She’s planning on taking it on the road, around the country,” says our insider. “Who knows? It could even end up in New York as a one-woman Broadway show. Comedy is her first love and she can’t wait to get back on the stage in front of an audience. Don’t be surprised if you see her start popping up at a few small comedy clubs in New York to try out some of her material. However, the really great stories she is saving for when she puts together her headline show.”

Our source also tells us that since it’s in the name of comedy, Behar’s not frightened about Walters’ reaction.

“What can Barbara do after she leaves the show? If anyone should be frightened, it should be Barbara,” laughs our insider. “Plus, as Joy would say, ‘So what, who cares!’ ”

H/T NY Daily News