Will Zucker Respond to Petition?

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Last we looked the petition for CNN to apologize over the way they reported the Steubenville Rape case had reached over 75,000 signatures.

The big question is whether CNN's new President Jeff Zucker will respond in any way to acknowledge all those people that took the time to sign it?

We're guessing that will be a no.

As FTVLive wrote, the reporting job done by Zucker's network was some of the the worst we have ever seen (and we've seen a lot of bad reporting over the years).

Between Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow, you would have thought the two boys that raped a teenage girl and posted photos of her on the internet, did nothing more than toilet paper her house. 

By the way, Candy and Poppy sounds more like a sweet shop, than two Reporters coving a rape trial. But that's just us.

Thousands were stunned by how bad the reporting was. The online petition was started and in less than a day over 75,000 had signed it. 

Now the ball is in Jeff Zucker's court as to weather he will respond to the petition.

Is that Crickets I'm hearing?