The Tightest Ratings Race in the Country

Just about every TV market has a ratings leader.


It seems there is always that one station, no matter what they win the ratings. It also seems like every market has a ratings dog. The station that sits in last place and never seems to leave the ratings basement.

Then there's Pittsburgh.

All three stations are in the mix and it's not uncommon for a station that wins the news ratings one night, is in last place the next night.

Pittsburgh's big three are embroiled in one of the country's closest races.

where the status quo held for the sweeps book running Jan. 31-Feb. 27. In geIn the Feb Book WTAE (ABC affiliate) won the mornings.

KDKA (CBS) won the Noon through the late news, but some of the those races were this/close.  

WPXI (NBC) was almost uniformly second throughout the day and night.

The station's will be fighting it out again soon. The May book starts April 25 and word is that the stations have some interesting plans as to how they will win the May book.

Stay tuned....