MSNBC Replaces guy no one heard of with another guy no one heard of, who replaced the first guy no one heard of who was Demoted


MSNBC has bumped up Steve Kornacki (Who?) to the Network's show "Up" (What?).

Kornacki (Huh?) is currently a co-host on MSNBC's "The Cycle," (Double Huh?).

He will replace Chris Hayes (???), who is launching a new prime time show.

It's supposedly a big promotion for Kornacki who is openly gay, if anyone cares. 

He now becomes the third openly gay solo host on MSNBC, joining Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts. Which puts MSNBC now 2 ahead of Fox News in Gay hosts but still far behind in the ratings. 

"I want to thank Chris Hayes and his team for creating a totally original and incredibly smart model for political television," Kornacki said in a statement.