Is Robin Roberts Defying Doctors Orders? ​


Is Robin Roberts going against the wishes of her Doctors when it comes to her work on Good Morning America?

The National Enquirer claims Roberts is playing Russian Roulette with her life, by continuing to work on the morning show.

The Enquirer writes that Roberts has snubbed her doctors’ orders to slow down, and worried pals fear she has just two years to live!

The 52-year-old workaholic defied all odds by returning to the ABC show just five months after undergoing a painful bone marrow transplant in a last-chance bid to beat a cancer-related blood disorder.

“Robin’s doctors have laid out the harsh truth for her – she’ll be dead in two years if she doesn’t give up her job and start taking it easy,” said a source.

“But Robin is so competitive she can’t help herself. When her friends and family try to talk sense to her, she responds by saying that she made a commitment to her co-workers on ‘GMA.’

“Plus Robin was so depressed when she was stuck at home recovering. She says go­ing to work is her happy pill.”

“Robin nearly killed herself to get back on the air in time for the crucial February sweeps, even though her bosses said it wasn’t necessary,” revealed the source.

“Then she pushed herself even further by flying out to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards.”

But another source close to the brave broadcaster insists Robin is easing back into the daily grind.

“During the first week in March, she worked only two days,” said the source. “Robin is following her doctors’ advice and monitoring her schedule closely.”

So Robin is either killing herself, or following her Doctor's orders perfectly. You got to love the National Enquirer.

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