Tapper Kicks Off Show on CNN


Today is Jake Tapper big day at CNN. 'The Lead with Jake Tapper' hits the air Today at 4PM. 

Tapper left ABC News for CNN and his own show.

CNN is promising that 'The Lead" will give Tapper a wider platform to demonstrate talents that were apparent when he filled in on ABC’s ”This Week.”

His first guests will be New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert, whose sister’s congressional primary in South Carolina is Tuesday. But “The Lead” will be far more diverse than politics, Tapper stressed.

“Our charge is to bring what we think are the most important stories to people at that hour,” Tapper said. “The most important topics: world stories, politics, national, business, sports, pop culture.”

Tapper says that the show’s approach will be to mimic a newspaper’s front page that’s filled with the best stories. ”You want to read every one,” Tapper said. “That’s what we’re shooting for. It’s ambitious.”

Mimicking a Newspaper?! Yeah we see how well Newspapers are doing now-a-days. Maybe he might want to pick another analogy.

Just saying...

H/T Orlando Sentinel