Leaving to Spend more Time with His Family


KTBS/Channel 3/Shreveport Sports Director Tim Fletcher wants to set the record straight on why Tomorrow is his last day at the station. 

Fletcher made the following post on his Facebook page:

It appears word has gotten out about tomorrow being my final day at KTBS. Apparently,www.ArkansasTVNewswatch.Blogspot.comhas gotten wind of my departure---and there is some wild conjecture among the comments. 

First and foremost, I am leaving KTBS after 13 and a quarter years for one reason and one reason only---to spend more time with my wonderful family. For too many years, work came before family. 

I proposed a plan that would allow me to continue working at KTBS; increase my reporting workload; but allow me to be home three nights a week after 7pm. The station, as is their prerogative, chose instead to accept my two-week notice dated 3/18/13. Basically, I pitched an ultimatum to the station and they made the choice to pass on my proposal.

Some rumors that are totally unfounded and untrue: I'm not going to any other station in town and haven't been contacted by any other media outlet. I have mostly enjoyed my time at KTBS, especially the people I have had the opportunity to cover/get to know over the years. High school coaches are the unsung heroes in our communities and are grossly underpaid for all they provide. For those fearing for our future? Go to a High School baseball, softball, football, soccer, or basketball game---attend a track and field meet---you'll see young men and women competing with all their might and skill in the true spirit of competition. The games/meets are a culmination of hours upon hours of preparation. I have always loved the stories that develop in 48 minutes of football or 32 minutes of hoops or 7 innings on the diamond. 

The good news, for me, is---I'm going to continue to cover all the sports that I'm accustomed to covering. My radio show will continue on KWKH (AM1130, The Tiger)... with plans for expansion of hours and product on the horizon. I will be able to devote a LOT more time to writing, in particular our blog (www.TheTimFletcherShow.Blogspot.Com) and various other projects.

To my fellow employees (even the one whose "brother" says I'm hard to deal with and feel irreplaceable--comments section of the tv blog) from 1999 thru today: I have enjoyed so many great times, and commiserated over so many rough times. It has been a blast to work with so many folks over the year... I "think" i've been a pretty good co-worker, not all the time, but MOST of the time. 

I am so fortunate to have a great wife in Alysia Starnes Fletcher and three kids who have put up with my absence for too many years, especially Sydney Fletcher who saw more of me inside the station's walls and at games than our own dinner table. Looking forward to spending high-Quality time with Aly, Syd, Caroline Copeland andPearce Copeland starting Saturday... 

For those that have never liked me on air, your wish has been granted---albeit, 18+ years after H.Lee Bryant hired me straight out of U.A.L.R. to take over weekends at KTAL. 

We will be around... looking forward to the next, great, big, leap!