What's with NY Anchor's Black Eye


A few weeks ago, WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison showed up to work with a cut on his nose and a fat lip.

We found out the injuries happened the night before, when he was arrested by police for domestic violence.

Last night, Anchor Chris Wragge was on the air with a black eye and some swelling.

Was he arrested? Bar fight? Newsroom spat? 

Hardly, it was just more a case of being clumsy. Wragge wrote on his Facebook page:

"Yes this happened! Earlier today answered phone, receiver slipped out of my hand and clocked me square on eyebrow bone.. Got a nice knot and now have the makings of a shiner. Going to make for a good bar fight story tomorrow. You all know how I love a good bar fight at my age."

By the way, FTVLive went on WebMD and we could not find the "eyebrow bone" anywhere. Must be something only anchor's have.