No More Fun and Games at San Antonio Station


WOAI in San Antonio has run "funny" promos in the past. 

Anchorman Randy Beamer as a lounge singer; his female co-anchors as telenovela stars; that NBC peacock terrorizing the anchor at work.

Well according to the new GM at the station, that shits going to end. 

WOAI general manager John Seabers wants to emphasize the journalistic side of the station's anchors and reporters. For instance, one spot promotes their thoroughness by suggesting: “Why not go deeper, give viewers the inside story?”

“We know that we have a significantly powerful product on WOAI, well-crafted, solid journalism,” Seabers said in a phone chat to the San Antonio Express News. “We want the viewers to know we have the people in place that can deliver that product on a regular basis, that they have the chops to do that.

“Beamer,” he added, “is highly credible, more than capable of handling any situation, he's the real deal.”

As for the lighter looks at the anchorman, his co-anchor Elsa Ramon and others that ran for more than a year, Seabers complimented that campaign as “beautifully executed.” It established the accessibility of the talent,” he said, made us “understand them differently, feel they're approachable.”

In other words....we're getting that crap off the air ASAP.

H/T San Antonio Express News