Employee Tries to get Station in Trouble with OSHA


This happens a lot more than you think. A station starts doing some construction inside the building and some employee calls OSHA to complain. More often than not it's just some disgruntle worker trying to get the station in trouble.

The latest station to have this happen is in Sin City.

KSNV in Las Vegas is building a new studio and shortly after some walls were knocked down last month to make room for a new studio, inspectors from OSHA and the city of Las Vegas showed up.

Apparently someone who works at the station called to complain about the dusty conditions and raised questions about whether permits and plans were approved.

The Las Vegas Review Journal says that in an emailed response, Lisa Howfield, vice president and general manager, explained:

"News 3 is in the midst of building a spectacular news set as we prepare for the expansion of our news programming. All permits are in place and the City of Las Vegas is scheduled for a rough inspection on Monday," re-scheduled for today.

She added, "OSHA paid us a visit to ensure the safety of our employees. They tested the air which showed to be safe inside KSNV. In short, dust masks are not required although a few employees have opted to wear them and were provided with the required OSHA guidelines about wearing masks."

Asked whether construction began with the proper paperwork, Howfield said, "We started with some early construction that did not require permits. At the point where permits were required, we got them."