Another Tampa Weather Anchor Headed to Houston

Do you want to anchor a weathercast in Houston?


Try getting a job at WFLA in Tampa first.

For the second time in less than a week, a WFLA Tampa Weather Anchor has announced they are leaving for Texas.

Weekend morning meteorologist Megan Hatton will leave her job at a the NBC affiliate in three weeks, departing the same month fellow forecaster Brooks Garner is also to leave the station.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that and like Garner, Hatton is also headed for Houston, (KHOU). But she is leaving town to join her husband, who works as a newscast director at KTRK-TV, the ABC affiliate owned and operated by the network.

Hatton has no job lined up in Houston. She told fans on Twitter Tuesday her last day is April 3 at WFLA, where she began her first on air meteorology job in 2007.

"My husband accepted a job in Houston this past October and we've been living apart since then," Hatton wrote on her Facebook page. "It's time for me to join him and start our new life in Texas. I can't express enough gratitude for the opportunities I had here. This was a dream come true for a science-loving-small-town-Ohio girl who only visited the beach once a year. The last 6 years have taught me lessons I'll never forget. My husband promised I could take some time off once I moved, so I don't have any cool job to brag about just yet."

Garner told fans on Facebook Monday that he will serve as weekday forecaster for CBS affiliate KHOU-TV starting in May. Which means WFLA will have to replace two of its meteorologists in a matter of weeks.

WFLA news director Don North said he hoped to fill both jobs before hurricane season starts in June, according to a story on the station's website.