Ann Curry Just wants Lauer to Shut Up


When Ann Curry was stripped of her job on the Today Show, she felt betrayed by NBC and her co-host Matt Lauer.

Now, with everything starting to calm down over the Curry fiasco, Lauer opens up his yapper and brings it all up again. Plus adds the juicy tid-bit that he wanted Katie Couric to comeback to Today.

Curry just wants it to stop.

At least that's what Radar Online is saying. “Ann just wants to move on from her disastrous departure from Today, and she has. However, she isn’t allowed to give any media interviews without approval from her bosses at the network. Ann was infuriated by Matt’s interview. The network has said from the onset of Ann’s demotion from the show that Matt had no power over the decision. Yet, in the same interview he admits to talking to Katie Couric for over a year in a bid to bring her back! Clearly, Matt has a lot of clout to be engaged in high level talks of a potential hire! It’s just another slap in Ann’s face,” a source tells Radar Online. 

Particularly bothersome to Curry “is the public support being given to Matt Lauer from the network brass at NBC. She just hasn’t had that at all. Ann was fired from the show and essentially sent off to Siberia. Ann’s on-air time has been drastically slashed. She knows that NBC has no plans to let her out of her contract, and so she will just try and make the best of a bad situation,” the insider added.