We've Seen This Before with Barbara Walters


Rumors were flying that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was not going to have her contract renewed and would be leaving "The View."

On Yesterday's show, Barbara Walters walked out on the set of 'The View' arm and arm with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

She then denied that Hasselbeck was being pushed out. We wrote Yesterday, that despite the denial we really weren't sure we believed her. 

So, why doesn't FTVLive believe the mighty and powerful Barbara Walters?

Just look back to the whole Star Jones thing in 2006. It almost reads exactly like the Hasselbeck story Today.

Jones left the show amid similar drama and it was denied the entire time that she was going, until she did.

Walters had denied rampant rumors that Jones was on her way out.

Jones returned to the show to bury the hatchet in February 2012.

It was only then that Walters then admitted to viewers that Jones' contract was simply not renewed and that the denials about her leaving were to 'protect' Jones."

Hmmmmm? Sounds familiar, doesn't it?