Former Orlando Reporter Headed to Little Rock

WFTV in Orlando parted ways with Reporter Drew Petrimoulx back in January.


Petrimoulx is about to land on his feet at in Little Rock.

Petrimoulx is headed to work for the duopoly of NBC affiliate KARK and Fox affiliate KLRT.

‘One reason I’m going is because it’s the state capital, and I have the chance to report on politics,” said Petrimoulx, 28. ”The concentration on politics drew me there.”

He starts March 25.

“I really apapreciated the opportunity that WFTV game me,” Petrimoulx said. “I grew up there. I’m going to miss the people and the relationships.”

He has credited his jump to TV to Bob Jordan, then news director at WFTV, and the synergy at Cox Media Group, which owns both WFTV and WDBO.

H/T Orlando Sentinel