Fox Looking for the Leak to FTVLive


6 days ago, FTVLive wrote a story about the possibility of layoffs happening at the Fox O&O's.

We reported that Betsy Swanson, the CFO for the Fox Stations is crunching the numbers and it looks like job cuts are a real possibility.

Word inside Fox is that big boss Jack Abernethy is not happy that Fox people are talking to FTVLive. "They have the ability to scan all outgoing email from Fox stations and they're doing it," says one source to FTVLive.

Word is that VP of News Operations Shari Barg has quizzed some News Managers about tipping FTVLive off with information. 

But, we still hear that while the search for the snitch moves forward, Fox is still looking to save money at the O&O's/ Stay tuned, it might be getting real interesting soon.